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Foster's Daily,The Stag Hunt: ( 03/03/2011 )
(USA)Alfred Catalfo's short, 'The Stag Hunt,' makes Openfilm's top 10; needs votes to be #1
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Project: THE STAG HUNT (2011)
Foster's Daily, Orphans run at the Seacoast Repertory Theatre : ( 01/13/2011 )
(USA)Foster's Daily Democrat announces scheduled run for the "Orphans" production at the Seacoast Repertory Theatre. Feb. 4-27
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Project: ORPHANS (2011)
Roger Ebert reviews Drunkboat: ( 10/2010 )
(USA) John Goodman plays a reseller of stolen booze, who transports it hidden in an old boat he tows. In a saloon, he encounters John Malkovich as a shell-shocked vet. Story follows the alcoholic vet home to the house of his estranged sister (Dana Delaney), who has had enough of his chaotic life. But her son (Jacob Zachar) dreams of sailing a boat out of Chicago, through the St. Lawrenc Seaway, and--why not? Africa! China! Meanwhile, the vet pursues strange purposes in the back yard. Well-played Malkovich character is introverted and wounded. Whimsical, bittersweet and touching. Filmed in Chicago, directed and co-written by Bob Meyer. 5:30 p.m. Oct (rush tickets only) , 4:45 p.m. Oct 14, 2010. Meyer, Zachar and others will attend. (Roger Ebert)
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Hollywood Chicago Red Carpet Interviews with Drunkboat Cast, Director and Producers: ( 10/2010 )
Walking the carpet was blustery film producer Chase Bailey, two featured performers of Drunkboat – Jim Ortlieb and Jacob Zachar (of the ABC Family series “Greek”) – and Director Bob Meyer. captured interviews with all of them. (October 2010 at Chicago International Film Festival)
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Drunkboat on the official blog of Redbox: ( 10/2010 )
Article at NewCity Film: ( 10/2010 )
SunTimes Covers Drunkboat: ( 10/2010 )
Drunkboat Selected at Chicago International Film Festival: ( 10/2010 )
Article in Seacoast Online:
Chase Bailey to speak at Catapult in June 2010
Chase Bailey appointed to Local Board:
The Mayor of Portsmouth appointed Chase Bailey, owner of Left Bank Films and writer/director of Crooked Lane, to the local board of Portsmouth Public Media, in charge of public access media in the area.
Chase Bailey Interview:
Chase Bailey gets interviewed at the 2010 Nevermore Film Festival
Chase Bailey Oscar Predictions:
Chase Bailey gives Seacoast Online his 2010 Oscar predictions
Chase Bailey Art News:
TChase Bailey's art makes the news
Where is Chase Bailey?:
Can you spot Chase Bailey and other Crooked Lane alumni in this NH Magazine March 2010 layout?
Seacoast Online Interviews Marc Dole and Chase Bailey:
VFX and Editor Marc Dole is in Seacoast Online with Chase Bailey for their side project, Deaf Perception.
Article in Seacoast Online:
Mark Constance gets featured in Seacoast Online.
NH Chronicle covers the NH Film Festival
NH Chronicle features Crooked Lane, cast and crew on the NH Film Festival 2009 show.
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
Chase Bailey - Poster Boy?
Chase dubbed the "unofficial poster boy" of NHFF in the wrap up article by Seacoast Online
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
Foster's Daily covers NHFF:
Foster's Daily Democrat NH Festival Wrap Up featuring Chase Bailey and Crooked Lane
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
NH Let's Go!:
NH Let's Go covers the NH Festival including Marc, Chase and more
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
Crooked Lane on 106.1:
Dan Balfori of 106.1's Left, Right and Correct radio show interviews Chase Bailey and Marc Dole
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
Chase Bailey, Ann Cusack and Marc Dole on NECN's bit covering the NH Film Festival
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
NHFF 2009 Awards:
NH Film Festival 2009 Gives First Awards of Season to Filmmakers (Seacoast Online: Crooked Lane and Chase Bailey among the winners)
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
Best in NH Film: talks:
NH Film Festival Grows:
Seacoast Online article on NH Film Festival's growing size and importance. Mention: Crooked Lane
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
Indie Film Excitement:
Seacoast Online article on indie film excitement, mention: Crooked Lane
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
Foster's Daily covers NHFF:
Foster's Daily Democrat on the films in the NH Film Festival, special mention: Crooked Lane
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
Seacoast Online looks to the Stars:
Seacoast Online on Crooked Lane, Chase Bailey, Mark Constance, Ann Cusack, Brett Cullen and Marc Dole and their presence in the NH Film Festival
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
New England Film:
New England Film on Crooked Lane's use of the RED Camera
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
Crooked Lane loves it here:
Crooked Lane's cast and crew participates in the NH "I Love It Here" campaign
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
Hollywood East mentions Crooked Lane:
A mention in Hollywood East for Crooked Lane
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
Seacoast Online says Film Local:
Crooked Lane gets a "Thumbs Up" for filming locally from Seacoast Online.
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
Crooked Lane on Foster's:
Foster's Daily Democrat has a nice write up on Crooked Lane here.
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
Portsmouth Herald Article:
Film mentioned in the Portsmouth Herald.
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
Seacoast Online call for Extras:
Crooked Lane makes an appearance in Seacoast Online with a call for extras.
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
Falcon Crest Blog Mention:
The Falcon Crest Blog gives Crooked Lane star Brett Cullen a nod. More bloggers talking about Crooked Lane.
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
Wraps: ( 09/08/09 )
Production was wrapped at 3:30PM on Friday, July 15th. Wrap party in 4 hours at the 100 Club in Portsmouth NH. Great job everyone.
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
Left Bank Films has decided to hire a new Executive Producer and re-edit the video and has changed the name to "MMA ALTERNATE ARTS". We expect to have the film ready for release in early 2010.
Project: MMA ALTERNATE ARTS (2010)
Killing Premiere: ( 09/07/09 )
Killing Dinner to premiere at the NHFF on October 15th, 2009.
Project: KILLING DINNER (2009)
Drunkboat Renewed: ( 09/07/09 )
Mr. Mudd has taken charge of Drunkboat and it's looking Great.
Project: DRUNK BOAT (2005)
Premiere (Suicide Brothers): ( 07/04/09 )
The showing was received very well by many great film people. Great job by the Brownlee Brothers.
Updated News on Crooked Lane: ( 07/04/09 )
Post Production Update (Crooked Lane): ( 06/20/09 )
Hatchling Studios and Marc Dole have agreed to act as the Post Production house and will include all visual effects, audio effects, editing and color correction (Camera RED at 4K).
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
Camera RED (Crooked Lane): ( 06/20/09 )
Director Chase Bailey and DP, Patrick Ruth are looking forward to shooting this film on the Camera Red. Post Production and Visual Effects house, Hatchling Studios have worked on the work flow definition for the RED and Final Cut Pro.
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
Production (Crooked Lane): ( 06/20/09 )
The team are geared to start production in Portsmouth on July 6th.
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
Casting (Crooked Lane): ( 06/20/09 )
Ann Cusack and Brett Cullen have agreed to head the cast for Crooked Lane. Jessica Webb, Adrienne Montezinos, Chris Roblee, Kate Jurdi, John Campanello have also signed on board. The three 8 year old girls are Eliya-Quaye Constance, Noa Siegel and Gina Pardi.
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
Screenwriter (The Tent): ( 06/13/09 )
Richard Leder has agreed with Left Bank Films to write the screenplay to "The Tent". Stay Tuned.
Project: THE TENT (2010)
Film Rights (The Tent): ( 06/13/09 )
Recently, Left Bank Films purchased the right to the novella "The Tent" written by Gary Paulsen. LBF plans to produce the film in early 2010.
Project: THE TENT (2010)
Casting (Crooked Lane): ( 06/13/09 )
The casting for the major and minor roles for the film have been in progress for the past few weeks. Going well.
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
Cinematographer: ( 06/13/09 )
Patrick Ruth from Boston has agreed to DP the film. Great news.
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
New Hampshire Film Festival: ( 06/13/09 )
Our film has been selected to premiere in the US at the NHFF on October 15th.
Cinematographer Search: ( 05/17/09 )
Crooked Lane is in negotiations for a Director of Photography (using the Red). Hope to wrap this up soon.
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
Left Bank Writers: ( 05/16/09 )
Left Bank Films has signed an agreement to work with the WGA via their subsidiary called Left Bank Writers.
Development: ( 05/16/09 )
Left Bank Films has decided to begin development on a script written by Jody Clark, called "Medilla's Lament". Mark Constance is leading the development from his company - a713 Productions.
Link: | Project: MEDILLA's LAMENT (2011)
Left Bank US Office: ( 04/30/09 )
The Left Bank Films office in Portsmouth New Hampshire is open. Located in downtown Portsmouth. New phone number is (603) 766-4997 - Fax (603) 766-4994.
The Tent: ( 04/19/09 )
Left Bank Films has recently purchased the film rights to Gary Paulsen's novella, "The Tent". Left Bank is negotiating with Richard Leder for the screenplay.
Project: THE TENT (2010)
Left Bank Paris Office: ( 03/29/09 )
We have closed our Paris office and will be re-opening in a new location early in 2010.
Crooked Lane Status: ( 03/29/09 )
The script has been moved to the top priority of Left Bank and is fully in development. We believe that the screenplay will be ready for pre-production by mid-year 2009.
Project: CROOKED LANE (2009)
Fight It Out - Finished, Released: ( 01/04/09 )
The video produced and directed by Left Bank Films has been completed. The post including color correction, audio/sound, titles and credits has been mastered and is ready for distribution. The distribution company, Bresette & Company are producing the DVD cover and information.
Project: MMA ALTERNATE ARTS (2010)
The Dog - Project Cancelled: ( 01/04/09 )
Roddy Doyle, the author of the short story, at the last minute did not release the rights to Left Bank for film development.
Update (Here We Are): ( 12/09/08 )
I recently un-earthed this old film that I did in 1973 in Super8 and digitized. It's not a bad film. I'm going to screen it to my friends in the film industry soon.
Project: HERE WE ARE (1972)
Press Release for Killing Dinner: ( 11/09/08 )
New Hampshire Press Release for Killing Dinner.
Link: Press Release (PDF) | Project: KILLING DINNER (2009)
Alternative Arts for MMA, Volume #1: ( 10/31/08 )
The DVD has been completed and is now in art production for the DVD cover and insert with Bresette & Company.
Project: MMA ALTERNATE ARTS (2010)
The Life Before Her Eyes Wins Grand Jury Award: ( 10/19/08 )
At the New Hampshire Film Festival, "The Life Before Her Eyes" wins the Grand Jury Award.
DVD Released: ( 09/27/08 )
The DVD in SD and Bluray have been released across the US on 18 August 2008.
The Life Before Her Eyes to Screen in New Hampshire: ( 09/26/08 )
New Hampshire Film Festival will screen "The Life Before Her Eyes" on October 16th and 18th in Portsmouth New Hampshire at "The Music Hall".
Link: NH Film Festival | Link: Press Release (PDF) | Project: THE LIFE BEFORE HER EYES (2006)
Premiere in Paris: ( 09/26/08 )
Wednesday, October 17th, 2008 The Life Before Her Eyes is set to premiere in Paris and in France after it's debut at the Deauville Film Festival the week before.
Drunkboat Premieres as WIP at Portsmouth Film Festival 2006: ( 12/14/07 )
It was received very well. Bob Meyer and Chase Bailey attended the screening and answered questions for almost 30 minutes to over 300 viewers.
Project: DRUNK BOAT (2005)
Fight It Out Makes News: ( 11/25/07 )
The writer, Ben Bulkeley from the Herald, who visited the set and interviewed Guy and Frederic, released his article in the Sunday Portsmouth Herald. A very good article for Guy and the video.
Link: Seacoast Online | Project: MMA ALTERNATE ARTS (2010)
Wrapped!: ( 11/15/07 )
On Thursday, the 15th of November, the director yelled, "It's a wrap." The production met it's schedule for the 4 day shoot and all went well. We're now starting post production.
Project: MMA ALTERNATE ARTS (2010)
In Bloom's Premiere in Toronto: ( 11/06/07 )
The Toronto film premiere went well. The film met with some good and some negative reviews. The negative reviews revolved around the fact that the critic, "Didn't get it". We'll – it's my belief that they couldn't get it for many reasons. The most popular reason is that it was a political reason dealing with the right to choose vs. pro–life. Get over it!
Fight It Out to begin Filming: ( 11/06/07 )
Production begins on Monday, the 12th of November in Greenland New Hampshire. The crew is primed and we're ready to shoot.
Project: MMA ALTERNATE ARTS (2010)
Stag Hunt Premeire: ( 10/21/07 )
The Stag Hunt premiered at the New Hampshire Film Festival on October 11, 2007 to very good reviews.
Project: THE STAG HUNT (2007)
In Bloom Selected for Toronto FIlm Festival: ( 08/21/07 )
In Bloom will have it's International Premiere at the Toronto Film Festival on September 8th 2007.